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Thanks very much for sending this around Miguel.  I think it's a really great initiative.  Please let me know if there's anything we can do to help with the English version once you have it.

We should also be thinking as a coalition if there's anything extra that we want to do for world internet day on May 17th....which is incidentally the day before the IGF open consultations in Geneva if anyone is going to be there?

All the best,

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 From 2005 we work to promote the World Internet Day. ( 
www.internetday.info or www.diadeinternet.org) on May 17th, in different 
countries of the Latin American community of nations. We offer public 
participation in multistakeholders activities/events in order to bring the 
Internet to those who have more difficulties to access and promote 
discussion in the society around new technologies and the fair use of the 

This year's theme we have chosen the "Internet and Fundamental Rights 
(IRP)"  and therefore we have developed a simple tool that is the "Wall of 
the Rights" that you can see at: http://diadeinternet.org/muro

In the Wall we invite people to think and to propose ideas about how the 
Internet affects/help fundamental rights, taking as its starting point the 
Charter of Rights and Principles from de Dynamic Coalition (# IRP) while we 
move the debate to all schools and to sotial networks.

This "Wall of Rights" will be open until May 17th and that day will be 
discussing in public at different relevant events and places (in Spain it 
will take place in the Senate www.diadeinternet.org/senado ) around the world.

We would like to invite everyone to participate, we expect your opinions an 
your collaboration to disseminate it in your environment. (NGOs can also 
link your logo to any right, send it and incorporate it.)

At the moment, the Wall is only in Spanish language, but we hope with your 
help to translate texts from Spanish to other languages (the text takes 
around 2/3 pages). (We need volunteers to help us on this job)

Thank you for your time.

Miguel Perez Subias
Spanish Association of Internet Users

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