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Dixie Hawtin Dixie
Fri Apr 1 19:40:49 EEST 2011

Sorry, I missed a couple of emails - also coming: Hungarian, Dutch and Polish! Many thanks! Updated below.
From: Dixie Hawtin
Sent: 01 April 2011 17:40
To: Lee W McKnight; Meryem Marzouki; IRP
Subject: RE: [IRP] Fwd: [csisac-members] 10 Internet Rights and Principles Fwd: Further translations & Media

What a wonderful volunteer effort!
An enormous thank you to EDRi and CSISAC, and of course to Meryem!
Also thank you to Lee for promoting the principles through his US contacts!
A blog that I like to follow (Technollama) also published the principles.
Any other linguistic skills gratefully appreciated...

Latest update on where we are with the languages -

Languages we already have:
*English, *Thai, *Swahili, *Spanish, *Finnish, *Portuguese, *French, *Filipino, *Italian, *Swedish. *Romanian (thank you Bogdan!)

Languages that people have offered to translate the principles into:
*German (Wolfgang)
*Serbian (Masa)
*Estonia (Karmen)
*Romanian (EDRi member)
*Arabic (one of Lisa's friends)
*Korean (Jaiok, Kim, Consumers Korea)
*bosnian-croatian-serbian-montenegrin (owpsee)
*Macedonian (owpsee)
*Hungarian (EDRi member)
*Dutch (EDRi member)
*Polish (Panoptykon)
And possibly: *Albanian (also owpsee)

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