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Dixie Hawtin Dixie
Fri Apr 1 13:43:27 EEST 2011

Hi all,

Update on where we are with the languages - 

Languages we already have:
*English, *Thai, *Swahili, *Spanish, *Finnish, *Portuguese, *French, *Filipino, *Italian, *Swedish

Languages that people have offered to translate the principles into:
*German (Wolfgang)
*Serbian (Masa)
*Estonia (Karmen)
*Romanian (EDRi member)
*Arabic (one of Lisa's friends)
-If any of you are no longer able to translate please let us know

Languages we need: I think we should aim for every language in the world! But, some priority languages include:
*Mandarin, *Hindu-Urdu, *Bengali, *Russian, *Japanese, *Punjabi, *Vietnamese, *Persian
-Does anyone speak any of these language, or know anyone else who might be able to help? Or any other language?

Many thanks,

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Dear Lisa, Dixie and all,

Could ou please summarize in which language you already have translation commitments, and by when this could be done? I've already mentioned that I've got an offer for German (as far as I understand this will be done by Wolfgang) and now for Arabic (I know from private discussion with Lisa that someone already promised to work on it, but many people are eager to disseminate it, and if not available soon, to do it).

We should also be a bit more proactive asking people in our respective networks to provide further translations in missing languages. Can we draft a list of needed languages and see who we may ask?

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