[IRP] IRP Coalition meeting and launch of Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet

Lisa Horner LisaH
Tue Sep 14 22:16:44 EEST 2010

Hi all

Just a quick reminder about our IRP official dynamic coalition meeting tomorrow and the launch of version 1.0 of the Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet - the fruits of everyone's hard work and efforts over the past months.  Please come along! We're in room 9 at 9.00.  Agenda pasted below.

Coalition members  - we'll be in the room from 8.30 to run through the agenda.  We want it to be as participatory as possible - so please come early so we can work everything out.

Thanks to those who came to our strategy meeting today - it was productive.  Notes to follow on IRP list soon.

Robert Bodle is twittering from afar using hash tag #igf10 .  Would be great if people could join him!  And for those not with us in Vilnius, please do join remotely via the IGF website.

Apologies for cross posting.  See you tomorrow!

All the best,

Workshop Agenda
09.00-11.00, Wednesday 15th September (Day 2), Room 9

1)      Introduction to the coalition 
a.       Brief background and history.
b.      Aims, working methods, ambitions.
2)      Human rights at the IGF 
a.       ?Strategy? as defined in business meeting.
b.      Human rights at the regional IGFs report ? Dixie Hawtin.
3)      The Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet 
a.       Introduction and background 
b.      Taking it forward after the IGF (update from business meeting).  
c.       Consultation on the Charter.
                                                                  i.      Brief presentation on the contents and nature of the Charter (Wolfgang Benedek - 10 mins)
                                                                ii.      Broad questions and comments.                                                                iii.      Discussion on scope of the Charter: Anything missing? Anything to be taken out? (15 mins)
                                                              iv.      Specific issues for discussion: (note - we probably won't have time to cover all of these)
1.       IP and A2K: Balancing need for copyright with access to knowledge.
2.       Mobile internet ? what new issues are raised? 
3.       Privacy: 
Anonymity: Relationship to security, privacy and free expression.
Digital identity: Definition, and relationship with privacy, security. Should there be a right to forget?
4.       Right to access: Is it a right? Adding meaningful access.
                                                                v.      Quick polls on other outstanding issues 
1.       Internet or internet
2.       Name of Charter
3.       MDGs
4)      Wrap up and close 
Facilitation: Lisa Horner, Coalition Chair / Global Partners & Associates
Remote moderation: Marianne Franklin, Goldsmiths University

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