[IRP] FINAL verson of draft 1.0 (Hurrah!)

Lisa Horner LisaH
Tue Sep 7 19:44:55 EEST 2010

Hi all

I am very pleased to attach the final version of our first "Draft 1.0" of the Charter.  Thanks to everyone for the huge amount of work that's gone into this.  We've still got comments coming in, so I'm keeping everything on file for consideration in further consultation and revision processes.

Please note a couple of final additions/changes to this version:

1)      To give the APC internet rights charter the appropriate credit, this sentence has been added to the preamble: "Some articles are drawn, in whole or in part, from the APC Internet Rights Charter.  We incorporated and expanded the approach first used in the APC Charter, interpreting existing clauses in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from an internet perspective."

2)      I added a note to explain that this is a draft for further consultation to page i before the preamble.

3)      References have been taken out as it was felt those we had in there were incomplete, unbalancing the document.  A version with references left in is available.

We discussed how we'll present the Charter in Vilnius on the call this afternoon - thanks to those who joined.  I'll be sending notes from the call through soon.

REQUEST FOR HELP: I'll be printing out as many versions of this as I can carry to bring to Vilnius.  Please could those who are coming do the same?  It would be great to have as many copies there as possible so we can distribute, raise awareness and solicit wider participation in the process.  Please bring them to the IRP business meeting at 14.00 on Day 1 (room tbc).

Thanks and all the best,

Lisa Horner
Head of Research & Policy  Global Partners and Associates
338 City Road, London, EC1V 2PY, UK
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