[IRP] Punchiness and consultation process

Vittorio Bertola vb
Mon Oct 11 09:13:10 EEST 2010

Il 08/10/10 13:09, Lisa Horner ha scritto:
> I?d suggest that once we?ve had the wider consultations and our
> administrator/steering committee has developed a new draft next year, we
> can have focussed discussions about outstanding issues and concerns
> within the coalition. For example, we might dedicate a week and a
> conference call to a set of defined issues to hammer out language etc.
> We?d need to adjust the proposed timescale to allow for that, probably
> ending the external consultation around May or June to give us time to
> finalise 2.0 within the coalition.

Maybe we could work in parallel - on one side working on the revision of 
version 1.0 in terms of "punchiness", and on the other collecting a 
"queue" of additional matters to be then considered for addition into 
version 2.0, e.g. the more Internet-oriented ones.

Alternatively, there could be a phase after version 1.1 in which we work 
on a version 1.2, examining submissions to such queue from the inside of 
the coalition, before setting up a fully-fledged consultation process 
with the outside.

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