[IRP] Another comment on "punch"

Vittorio Bertola vb
Wed Oct 6 15:12:16 EEST 2010


I've read the recent discussions on "punch" and, being one of the people 
who criticized the lack of it, I'd like to make some examples of 
"punchy" rights that I would like to see stated.

I would like to see a right to make use of the knowledge and instruments 
of the past to enhance the personal and collective knowledge and 
instruments for the future (as opposed to "copyright is a fundamental 
right, but please use Creative Commons"... copyright should be an 
exception to sharing, not the opposite).

I would like to see a right to access and share information of public 
political and social value without being subject to harassment or 
limitations by governments, corporations and other interested parties 
(think of Wikileaks).

I would like to see a right for the people to use the Internet to gather 
and self-organize for political and social activity (yes it's already 
there in the draft, but it's attributed to "the users of ICT tools" - 
no, it's really "the people", you don't gain the right because you use 
an ICT tool, it's a generic right for which the Internet is an 
additional instrument).

I would like to see a right to innovate in content, applications and 
services without having to undergo centralized authorization and 
validation procedures.

It's not that these things are not there (some are not, though), it's 
that IMHO they should be phrased with more focus, more abstraction 
(implementation in today's technological terms should go in part 2 or in 
specific documents), and more courage.

Anyway, I'd be happy to join whatever drafting group to turn criticism 
into wording proposals.

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