[IRP] On "right to access the Internet" versus "right to the internet"

Slim Amamou slim
Tue Nov 30 20:04:05 EET 2010

I've just joined after reading this statement :?http://is.gd/hZYVj

And I wanted to make a comment on "the right to access the internet".
This statement is antagonist with net neutrality. You don't  access
the internet, you access knowledge *over* the internet. Where Internet
is wires/cables/fibre/tubes and otherwise neutral technolgy by means
of which we access knowledge. So?"the right to access
knowledge/information over the internet" is more precise and
semantically correct.?Otherwise, if we want to keep the concept
abstract and more inclusive, "right to the internet" is better, in my

I understand that the purpose of the charter is also to ensure equal
access to the wire of the internet. But framing human rights around
specific technology is  unsustainable, in my opinion. I think that the
more general concept of access to knowledge should be a human right.
But if we have to be pragmatic and center it around the Internet, we
should mitigate it a bit.

I searched the archives and did not find this topic discussed, I'm
sorry if I missed something.

Slim Amamou | ???? ?????

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