[IRP] Registrants rights charter / IRP conference call - this Thursday 4th March - 16.00 CET

Lisa Horner LisaH
Tue Mar 2 19:35:51 EET 2010

Hi Rafik

It?s a shame you can?t make the call.  Could you possibly provide us with a bit of info about the registrants rights process to date...have you been involved?    I spoke to Bill Drake the other day who said it would be good for us to get involved with the NCSG on this, but we?ve also had requests come from ALAC.  Siva, Olivier...maybe you could also send some info through to the list?  I haven?t been much involved with ICANN and so am feeling my way in the dark with this ? it?d be great if IRP members who are more involved with ICANN could help us all understand it a bit better....

Thanks and all the best,

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To: Lisa Horner
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Hi all,

unfortunately, I will be travelling in Thursday to attend the ICANN meeting and so unable to join the call.
about the agenda, I agree about the involvement on potential ICANN registrants rights charter.


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