[IRP] Fwd: Monday #BillOfRights planning call 2 p.m (PDT) 1-213-289-0500 access code 869727

Rebecca MacKinnon rebecca.mackinnon
Sun Jun 27 21:16:32 EEST 2010

FYI, the people behind the Social Media Bill of Rights created at the
Computers Freedom and Privacy conference in San Jose are organizing a
conference call and live chat for Monday 5pm EDT/2pm PDT to plan activism
and next steps. Anybody is welcome to join and they would very much like to
get more international input. Please see the link for the chat in the
forwarded e-mail below. If you have questions about how to connect please
contact Jon Pincus: jon at qworky.net. I'm not sure if international or
toll-free numbers will be available or whether low cost/toll-free options
will be possible for people calling from outside the United States, but
hopefully Jon will have some suggestions.

For background and more information:


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From: Jon Pincus <jon at qworky.net>
Date: Sun, Jun 27, 2010 at 12:38 PM
Subject: Monday #BillOfRights planning call 2 p.m (PDT) 1-213-289-0500
access code 869727

Feel free to invite others as well.

There's a chat room http://preview.qworky.net/q/meetings/123 we can use
during the meeting.

Here's what I've got for goals and agenda.  Thoughts?

   -  Build on initial momentum and lay groundwork for a sustained campaign
   for the #BillOfRights <http://preview.qworky.net/q/meetings/123/invitation#>
   -  Identify next steps and


   -  Introductions and agenda
   -  Overall strategy: engagement with grassroots, allies, media, site
   operators; international
   -  Web presence and
   -  Blogworld presentation and conference
   -  Next steps <http://preview.qworky.net/q/meetings/123/invitation#>


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