[IRP] Status of the Charter?

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Dear Shaila,

We are just finishing a readable version, which will be put for discussion knowing the limitations still existing. One problem were the many suggestions which were often redundant while we also faced certain gaps where we will also need the help of the community. So we are looking forward to the imputs of You all!

Kind regards


Am 13.07.10 20:21 schrieb "shaila mistry" unter <shailam at yahoo.com>:

Hi Max and Wolfgang and all
I too was wondering on the status of the charter. Yes! it would be great to have it in our hands soon so that the community has time for input.
I ran into Lisa at the British IGF in London  but did not get a chance to inquire about this.
BTW when is the next IRP meeting . Hope it is at a West Coast friendly time so that I can join.
Look forward to see the Charter
kind regards

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   Re: Status of the Charter?  Dear Max,

 Thank You for Your inquiry. We are indeed delayed, but I plan to finish the first draft over he weekend.

 Ki dregards


 Am 06.07.10 19:26 schrieb "Max Senges" unter <maxsenges at gmail.com>:

Dear Experts,

 I hope you are doing great and that reason and expertise is with you while reviewing our charter.

 As you know time is running and as agreed it would be very good to have a 1.0 version of the Charter ready for the IGF in September.

 I understand that you want to come back to us with an "almost ready" version, but especially as you have done editing in form and content, it seems important to give the community time to reflect and consider your edits.

 Could you please share what your current planned schedule looks like?


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