[IRP] Status of the Charter?

shaila mistry shailam
Tue Jul 13 21:21:58 EEST 2010

Hi Max and Wolfgang and all
I too was wondering on the status of the charter. Yes! it would be great to have 
it in our hands soon so that the community has time for input.
I ran into Lisa at the British IGF in London  but did not get a chance to 
inquire about this.
BTW when is the next IRP meeting . Hope it is at a West Coast friendly time so 
that I can join.
Look forward to see the Charter
kind regards

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Re: Status of the Charter? Dear Max,

Thank You for Your inquiry. We are indeed delayed, but I plan to finish the 
first draft over he weekend.

Ki dregards


Am 06.07.10 19:26 schrieb "Max Senges" unter <maxsenges at gmail.com>:

Dear Experts,
>I hope you are doing great and that reason and expertise is with you while 
>reviewing our charter.
>As you know time is running and as agreed it would be very good to have a 1.0 
>version of the Charter ready for the IGF in September.
>I understand that you want to come back to us with an "almost ready" version, 
>but especially as you have done editing in form and content, it seems important 
>to give the community time to reflect and consider your edits.
>Could you please share what your current planned schedule looks like?
>"The future is not what it used to be"
>Karl Valentin 
>Max Senges
>Mobile: 01622122755
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