[IRP] Monthly conference call and 2010 workplan

Lisa Horner lisa
Thu Jan 28 13:24:56 EET 2010

Hi all


Our monthly conference call is due next Thursday 4th February....


I hope as many people as possible will join, especially steering group


1) Timing of the call:  There's been a suggestion to provide options for
time of the call to try and make sure as many people as possible can
join.  There's also the old time zone problem of having members from San
Francisco to Hong Kong.  I thought it might be a good idea to coordinate
via the doodle tool which is easy to use. I've suggested a few times
across the day next Thursday here:
http://www.doodle.com/mzms7zvgwz6i594a.  Please enter your name and mark
your preferences for the call time.  You can use the handy time zone
menu to change the settings according to where you are so we don't get


I'll select a time when most people can make it.


We could also talk about alternating the time of the call every month so
that people in the Americas and people in Asia can participate


2) Platform for the call:  We've been using Skype for the calls, but the
quality of the call was terrible last time which made it difficult to
communicate properly.  However, I haven't managed to find a good
substitute.  Don sent through a suggestion for a phone conferencing
system, but we would still have to pay to use it, from $40 a month
subscription or 12 cents per minute.  Does anyone already subscribe to a
system like this that the IRP could "borrow" once a month?  We could
also look into funding options.


 Unless someone can come up with a good alternative in the next week, I
suggest we use the skype conferencing for this call, and we can discuss
other options over the next month.  I'll send the number round with a
finalised time and agenda next week.


3) Agenda: 


Please send your suggestions for the agenda through.  My suggestions


a)      Work plan and work areas.

I'd really like to discuss the various different tasks that we have over
the next year, and invite people to volunteer to take responsibility for
different areas.  To be effective, we have to know what we're doing and
coordinate.  I've drafted a calendar of things I think we need to look
at over the next year, and a list of tasks.  Please could people have a
look and edit/add/comment.  You can access it here:


(NB - I tried to create a wiki page on our website but it wouldn't let


We can also discuss in the conference call, and if people have any
specific areas they'd like to address, please let me know in advance so
I can add it to the agenda for the call.  Please also feel free to
volunteer for any of the areas of work!


b)      Update on initiatives:

-          Charter process

-          Regional IGF workshops

-          Any others...please let me know.


c)       Anything else?



Please feed in your ideas and join the call so that we can get 2010 off
to a really good start.


All the best,




Lisa Horner

Head of Research & Policy  Global Partners and Associates

338 City Road, London, EC1V 2PY, UK

Office: + 44 207 239 8251     Mobile: +44 7867 795859

lisa at global-partners.co.uk <mailto:lisa at global-partners.co.uk>
www.global-partners.co.uk <http://www.global-partners.co.uk/>  


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