[IRP] International Privacy Day: Real Problems, Real Solutions

Katitza Rodriguez katitza
Mon Jan 25 20:27:59 EET 2010

International Privacy Day: Real Problems, Real Solutions

January 28 is International Privacy Day, the day that the first  
international convention for privacy was signed. Many groups around  
the world are celebrating this day.

As supporters of the Madrid Declaration, we are calling on national  
governments to ratified the Privacy Convention 108.

As the Declaration states, we urge countries:

"that have not ratified Council of Europe Convention 108 together with  
the Protocol of 2001 to do so as expeditiously as possible."

"that have not yet established a comprehensive framework for privacy  
protection and an independent data protection authority to do so as  
expeditiously as possible;"

"that have established legal frameworks for privacy protection to  
ensure effective implementation and enforcement, and to cooperate at  
the international and regional level;

The Madrid Privacy Declaration is a substantial document that  
reaffirms international instruments for privacy protection, identifies  
new challenges, and call for concrete actions.

More than 300 privacy and consumer experts and organizations around  
the globe have signed the Declaration.


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