[IRP] IRP Digest, Vol 12, Issue 39

Rafik Dammak rafik.dammak
Sun Jan 17 22:01:46 EET 2010


> - The issue of youth and gender participation including regional
> diversity is missing, please don't miss this issue. There were more
> youth present from Arab world countries but lesser participation of
> youth from other African States, South Asian, Asia Pacific, Central
> Europe etc. and Women could be easily be given a head count which is
> still very devastating in terms of participation because that has to
> increased in upcoming meetings and activities.
more youth present from Arab world? are you sure? I didn't see so much. if
you are talking about egyptians who mostly of them are volunteers, you
forgot that Egypt organized the last IGF. arab league has 22 country members
and many countries didn't send any youth and even more of them came through
through other organizations or structures and not on behalf of their
respective countries.
in fact there is no so much youth participation because existing programs
cannot provide more fellowships for young people to participate. there are
some initiatives like netmission supported by the registry of dotasia which
brought a good delegation of young participants from China and Hongkong .


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