[IRP] are we ready to go beyond email

Max Senges maxsenges
Sun Jan 17 19:27:29 EET 2010

Hi everybody

Since I joined the internet governance caucus list years ago i feel that
mailing lists are pretty bad collaboration tools, but lists are like
democracy "the worst system except for all the other", right?

Before I move to the invitation to innovate I need to slip in that of course
wikis have proven pretty useful, but the complexity of organizing our
steering committee election reminded me of how little developed our own
governance practices & tools are.

I'll speak on a panel about "liquid
in a couple of weeks and while I had heard about the concept before I
figured it's a good idea to refresh and delve a bit into the theory and
experiments. And quite frankly, I was marveled with what i found. There
seems to be a whole spectrum of quite mature tools and (mostly successful)
real-world initiatives going in.

http://www.co-ment.net/ makes collaborative commenting on a text easy, put's
it in a clean leayout ==> might be interesting for comments to the
consolidated charter

Etherpad seems to be a supercool tool to take notes during our monthly
meetings. Have a look at http://etherpad.com/MFNsBZrP6Z

but the real juicy governance and collabowriting stuff is happening at
platforms like

adhocracy "makes democratic decisions as easy as editing a wiki, as fast as
twitter and as flexible as the net itself" - If that is the case I guess it
is worth a try, so i created an account for us to experiment

but there are several tools competing for our attention and adoption... e.g.
Votorola <http://zelea.com/project/votorola/home.xht> is a "software for
building consensus and reaching decisions in public."

Looking forward to see IRP grow up a little more in 2010



"The future is here. It?s just not widely distributed yet."
?William Gibson


Max Senges


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