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Max Senges maxsenges
Fri Jan 15 15:41:13 EET 2010

Hi everybody

Wolfgang (and I assume Rikke and Meryem) are ready to start their work.

I think it is very important that we expand the expert group with colleagues
from the south.

@Wolfgang and all: how do you plan to identify and select them?

Also I copied the mandate for the expert group in a publicly viewable and
editable g-doc (no registration required :-)

And I made a couple of updates (regarding the start on 15th of January) and
a short comment:

"It also seems important to stress that the Charter is meant to represent a
multistakeholder group and hence language should aim to be acceptable to
governments, intergovernmental institutions, private companies and civil
society groups."

I thought it would be helpful to remind everybody that the charter is not a
civil society advocacy document.

Lastly I want to reiterate the fact that this collaborative effort is
entitled "Charter on Human Rights and Principles on the Internet" and that
the authoring body is the Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles. While
I accept the preference of the experts to experiment with a matrix
structure, I would like to stress the immanent importance of ensuring
that "implementation
principles" have an important role in the coalitions approach and should be
easily discernible.



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On Fri, Jan 15, 2010 at 10:16 AM, Wolfgang Benedek <
wolfgang.benedek at uni-graz.at> wrote:

>  Dear Lisa and Max,
> I understand that from tomorrow we should start our part.
> In this context we wanted to send You what we consider the actual
> understanding of the procedure of our work. If You have any comments please
> share them with us before the end of the weekend.
> We intend to send this also to the experts from the South, and it should
> certainly also be shared with our community.
> Best regards
> Wolfgang
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