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Fri Jan 8 13:30:38 EET 2010

Thanks for taking the lead with this Marianne.  Some very quick notes
below...would be good to hear people's thoughts and have a discussion
about the options...

1) Contributions that take stock of last year's IGF in Sharm el Sheikh

- Overall, the meeting was well organized. I think things have improved
each year.
- Remote participation seemed to work well.  However, workshop
organizers weren't given much support on how to use it properly and
technicians weren't always on hand.  More information in advance would
be useful.
- A wide range of stakeholders in the plenary sessions reaffirmed the
importance of upholding human rights in the internet age. The challenge
now is to focus on how that can actually be achieved in practice, and
what roles different stakeholders can/should play.
- Discussions, especially in plenary, seemed to be distracted by the
issue of whether the IGF should continue, and if so, how. (does anyone
have an update on the status of those discussions?)
- Links between the main sessions and the workshops still weren't great.
- Main sessions based around the "traditional" categories of openness,
diversity etc felt a bit stale.  The new themes introduced were
- main sessions without a large number of panelists worked better, but
we need to find better ways of ensuring that wider plenary discussion
remains coherent, dynamic and inclusive.

2) Suggestions for the agenda and format of the Vilnius meeting.

- Rather than having main sessions based around broad themes, could more
specific questions or policy dilemmas be proposed in advance, that
people can debate in advance and suggest specific solutions to? 

- Related to the previous point, having sessions that look at a "human
rights agenda" or "development agenda for IG" I think would be more
useful than broad themes such as openness and diversity.  I think these
debates have been had in previous open consultations, but I haven't been
able to keep up with everything...does anyone have any insights on this?
As a coalition, we should probably discuss whether it's realistic to
propose a human rights main session...could we propose a development
main session, and then push for HRs to be a major part of that.  Should
we be proposing development/HRs as an overarching theme again?

- Again related to previous point, the coalition should propose that it
participates in the organization of the main session related to
"openness" or development/HRs/Privacy. 

- Can we suggest ways of linking the national, regional and
international IGFs better together?  It would probably be useful if this
could be done in a thematic way, for example with feedback from each IGF
on "openness" being collected beforehand and reported back in the
openness session.  Would require work though - no resources to do it??

- Can we suggest ways of linking the workshops better to the main
sessions?  There was no formal feedback session last year, and workshop
organizers weren't given a formal opportunity to feedback in the main
sessions as far as I'm aware.  

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Dear All

Greetings. To follow on from Max's speed-of-light sending out of the 
minutes of today's IRP phone-conference, this email is a call for 
contributions to a statement from the DC as part of the open
in preparation for Vilnius later this year.

Fouad's invitation for ideas and comments for the MAG meetings is pasted

below fyi so the DC statement also contributes to this side of the
point 4 in particular.

In short, the IRP statement can cover:

Time is short, so we need your comments by Monday at the latest. I will 
then cobble up a first draft for one more round. The statement has to be

ready to go by 15 January.

All input welcome on either or both of the two aspects above.


--On Thursday, January 07, 2010 6:08 +0500 Fouad Bajwa 
<fouadbajwa at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> As you are all aware about the IGF Open Consultation and MAG meetings
> in February 2010, I would like to request those people that cannot
> participate but would like to be heard to forward their interventions
> so that we can read and extend them on the floor during the Open
> Consultation. I further request statements to be brief, concise and to
> the point as the floor has to be passed on to the wide participation
> during the consultation.
> As for the MAG, we have a strong Civil Society MAG group including
> myself. The MAG is responsible for suggesting the design/organization
> of the IGF2010. IF you have concerns regarding the programming of the
> IGF2010, you can forward your statements for intervention to me so
> that they can be shared amongst our other team members. Once again,
> the requirement for being brief, concise and to the point applies here
> as well!
> Ideas for interventions can involve statements such as but not limited
> 1. Issues surfaced during the IGF2009 in Sharam.
> 2. Developing Country Participation/Inclusion Issues.
> 3. Main Program / Main Theme Issues for IGF2010.
> 4. Human Rights Issues/Rights on the Internet Issues.
> 5. Development Agenda for Internet Governance Issues.
> 6. Youth and Gender Participation Issues.
> For your convenience and live correspondence, I will be available on
> Skype (ID:fouadbajwa , kindly don't forget to introduce yourself
> please while adding me) throughout the three days of meetings (1 day
> open consultation + 2 days MAG meetings).
> I look forward to assisting your interventions.
> --
> Regards.
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