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> From: V?ctor Domingo <presidente at internautas.org>
> Date: January 5, 2010 5:05:42 PM EST
> To: <madrid at mailman.thepublicvoice.org>
> Subject: [Madrid] Petici?n de solidaridad con la Asociaci?n de  
> Internautas
> for inmediate release, please spread :(
> original version at http://www.internautas.org/html/5906.html
> ------------------
> We have known by www.meneame.net and some communication media that  
> we have
> been sentenced by the Supreme Court in the PUTASGAE case for hosting
> others' contents, which were allegedly slanderous. The Asociaci?n de
> Internautas has not yet received any notification of the ruling and  
> it's
> very surprised that this ruling is leaked to the media, even before
> reaching the concerned ones. At this time we cannot comment anything  
> since
> we are unaware of it. But we are sure of something: they want to  
> close the
> Asociaci?n de Internautas because we are very inconvenient to a  
> certain
> sector of the society, a minority...but with a big power to decide and
> influence. <a href="http://www.internautas.org/donaciones.php">We  
> ask for
> your help to remain open...and figthing</a>. We can only promise
> you...that the answer on our side, provided we remain open, will be in
> accordance to this.
> 12/22/2009 - <a
> href="http://www.abc.es/20091222/medios-redes-web/sancion-euros-alojar-putasgae-200912221611.html 
> ">ABC</a>
> - ?18000 fine for hosting "www.putasgae.org"
> The Civil Room of the Supreme Court has confirmed the rule  
> condemning the
> Asociaci?n de Internautas to pay 18000 euros to the Sociedad General  
> de
> Autores y Editores -T.N:the Spanish RIAA- for having hosted in its  
> website
> pages like www.putasgae.org - T.N:fuckingsgae- and
> www.antisgae.internautas.org, which in turn contained slanderous
> expressions against the authors society.
> The magistrates of the high court, presided by judge Juan Antonio  
> Xiol,
> have decided to reject in the High Court the appeal lodged by the
> Asociaci?n de Internautas as they interpret that they commited a  
> crime of
> illegal intrusion in the right to honour of SGAE, as stated in a  
> ruling
> made public today.
> The legal affair started in March 2004, when SGAE and its president,  
> Teddy
> Bautista, filed a lawsuit against the Asociaci?n de Internautas  
> before the
> Madrid Courts.
> Specifically, the lawsuit stated that the website of Asociaci?n de
> Internautas was hosting associated pages with addresses like
> "www.putasgae.org" -T.N:fuckingsgae- and  
> "www.antisgae.internautas.org",
> which in turn contained expressions like "hired gun", "mob gang",  
> "fucking
> pickpockets" or "the saying goes that thief who robs a thief  
> deserves one
> hundred years of mercy".
> They deny its participation
> The 19th Section of the National High Court in Madrid acknowledged on
> February the 6th, 2006, that SGAE was right and sentenced the  
> Asociaci?n
> de Internautas to pay 18000 euros to the authors society, as well as
> ordering the removal of the webpages and the offensive contents of  
> those
> webpages. As a complementary measure, the Asociaci?n de Internautas  
> should
> publish in their website the content of the ruling.
> In the appeal before the Supreme Court, the Asociaci?n de Internautas
> denied having any responsibility on the offensive contents of that
> Internet pages and hid behind the right to the freedom of speech. The
> defendant declared they did not had any participation in the making  
> nor
> the selection of the contents of the webpages, adding they have not  
> had
> effective knowledge of the opinions expressed in them against SGAE.
> The magistrates of the High Court reject the arguments of the  
> Asociaci?n
> de Internautas as they interpret that the "offensive" name of some  
> of the
> webpages they were hosting in their Internet site (like "www.putasgae.org 
> "
> ) were "sufficiently revealing" elements of the "slanderous style of  
> the
> hosted data"
> <a href="http://www.internautas.org/donaciones.php">We ask for your  
> help
> to remain open... and fighting</a>
> Kind regards,
> V?ctor Domingo
> P.S: the info in the paper is not really accurate. The real fine is  
> twice
> that amount plus (probably) the expenditure of the process. Since it  
> was a
> double denounce (one as an entity -SGAE- and another one from its
> president -Teddy Bautista-) the real fine will be higher than 36000  
> euros.
> P.S.2 : our lawyer is currently studying the best option to solve the
> situation, but just in case we have to face the total amount in a very
> short time, our association will likely disappear soon :-(
> La Asociaci?n de Internautas necesita tu ayuda
> Informate:
> http://www.internautas.org/html/5907.html
> http://www.internautas.org/donaciones.php
> Tambi?n puedes donar enviando un SMS
> Desde Espa?a enviar AI al 27595 (Coste 1,20 euros + IVA)
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