[IRP] R: If web-platforms are "criminally responsible for contentthat users upload" "the Web as we know it will cease to exist"

Fiorello Cortiana f.cortiana
Thu Feb 25 12:07:02 EET 2010

Waiting for the motivation I think that the question of "privacy" needs to be defined in a self-regulatory code made by a multistakeholders process.
 European directive on electronic commerce has explicitly called on member states to do this but until now the Italian government has not done anything and the risk that we run is that the policy is replaced by the Courts'judgments.


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A: Andrea Glorioso
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Oggetto: Re: [IRP] If web-platforms are "criminally responsible for contentthat users upload" "the Web as we know it will cease to exist"

Hi Andrea,

I thought that the problem about the video isn't new, no?


2010/2/25 Andrea Glorioso <andrea at digitalpolicy.it>

	Don, all,

	On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 06:37:51AM +1100, Don Cameron wrote:
	> I would need to read the court transcripts before venturing an opinion on
	> this - Google is notorious for privacy invasive practice and it certainly
	> wouldn't be beyond the realm of possibly to suspect that Google execs had
	> knowledge of this criminally neglect video, yet failed to act until notified
	> by Police.
	> A blog post on GooglePublicPolicy is probably not the best reference - Is
	> the court transcript available?
	What is available at the moment is just the decision, not the motivation,
	which should be made public in maximum 30 days.
	Indeed, it is surprising to read already so many comments on a decision
	whose rationale is unknown.
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