[IRP] Notes from call on preamble.

Meryem Marzouki meryem
Tue Dec 21 15:02:49 EET 2010

Hi Parminder, Lisa, all,

Le 21 d?c. 10 ? 11:42, parminder a ?crit :

> Lisa Horner wrote:
>> For me it's the large international advocacy organizations like  
>> Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, with whom I've had several informal  
>> conversations over the past few years.  It's also some of the  
>> human rights donor organizations, like the OSI (see critique  
>> they've already sent us).  Plus the UN special rapporteur for FoE  
>> (La Rue), and a number of human rights lawyers (I've spoken to  
>> some in North America and in Latin America, including the former  
>> OAS rapporteur for freedom of expression). I think these are  
>> groups that we really do want on our side.
> Without trying to sound sharp, but to make my point strongly, I  
> must say that the above constellation would make it look that  
> anything other than civil and political rights was either non  
> existent in the human rights world or a poor poor cousin, whose  
> name, if indeed, must be mentioned apologeticaly.

Please, Parminder, don't focus on the sole organizations that Lisa  
cited as examples only. There are indeed HR organizations that take  
seriously and fully into account ALL human rights, obviously  
including economic, social and cultural rights.
I, for one, am very vigilant on this issue.
BTW, one of the sources that we could have taken into account in  
drafting our charter is Article 19's Camden Principles on Freedom of  
Expression and Equality (http://www.article19.org/advocacy/campaigns/ 
camden-principles/index.html). Have a look at, say, Principle 5, and  
more specifically at 5.2(i): I'm sure you'll like it;)
Stupid I am I haven't pointed to the Camden Principles earlier, since  
I was aware of them:-( Not too late anyway, I can easily contact  
Article 19, and Dave is in any case one of their representative to  
the FoE coalition list, though I don't think he's on our mailing list.

Re: orther communities, and in particular "Internet  
community" (whatever this means..), of course we'll reach out to it  
too. Note that some of its members are already part of the IGF  
community, thus we already have and will continue to reach out to  
them through the periodical discussions we organize at IGF meetings.  
Other members of this community (when intended as organizations  
dealing with "digital rights") can be reached out through members of  
this coalition (e.g. Tapani and myself are members of organizations  
which form EDRI - European Digital Rights, an association fo 29  
organizations in Europe with contacts to others organizations as  
well; Same goes for APC, which has 50+ organization members all  
around the world; many of us could also reach out to broader global  
coalition, e.g. CSISAC coalition, etc.). But first, we need our  
Charter v1.1 ready.

To say the obvious, I think we've a special interest in reaching out  
to the HR community, simply because we're writing a charter on human  


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