[IRP] Notes from call on preamble.

Lisa Horner LisaH
Tue Dec 21 12:09:37 EET 2010

For me it's the large international advocacy organizations like Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, with whom I've had several informal conversations over the past few years.  It's also some of the human rights donor organizations, like the OSI (see critique they've already sent us).  Plus the UN special rapporteur for FoE (La Rue), and a number of human rights lawyers (I've spoken to some in North America and in Latin America, including the former OAS rapporteur for freedom of expression). I think these are groups that we really do want on our side.

But obviously we want the "Internet community" too. But I don't think it'll be a case of not being able to mobilize them without specifying a right to the Internet...

I'm looking forward to getting more feedback on this from beyond our group.

All the best,

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Hi Mike

You have a point in terms of how the whole context into which the Charter 
1.1 will be finding its way to various 'communities' may well strengthen 
its claims.

As for which communities; I was reiterating a general feeling over the past 
year about which I am less concerned. That said, as this is a tactical 
point towards said 'HR Community' whether it is the best tactic remains to 
be seen. Perhaps others who feel strongly about this could elucidate which 
community/ies they are thinking of? I too would like some more specifics!


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