[IRP] Preamble call - Wednesday at 1700GMT

Lisa Horner LisaH
Wed Dec 15 17:24:02 EET 2010

It's a shame you can't join us Meryem, but thanks for sending your thoughts through.  We'll take them on board during the call.

I really like Meryem's version of the preamble.  It really makes sense to separate out context from preamble.  From what I can see, she's incorporated much of Tapani and Dixie's redraft of the version for 1.1, but I just want to check that Tapani is happy with Meryem's version it as he put work into the previous version. 

I have a few other points that we can discuss this afternoon if we have time:

- The definition of "principles" in para three doesn't include the "implementation principles" that are required to build an internet that supports human rights (e.g. interoperability etc etc).  These don't derive directly from rights, but are required to realise rights.
- I think we need to be a bit clearer on the roles and responsibilities of the private sector.  I think the text in the preamble is fine for now, but we need to agree (or at least discuss) as a coalition what our line in on that.
- Would it make sense to call the section "about this document" rather than "context", to be a bit clearer?

- I'm not clear what the exact point we're making in point 5 of the preamble is: "Whereas the global nature of the Internet is a precious asset to increase and sustain a better mutual knowledge, understanding and acceptance of people in a global word, beyond the significance of local and regional particularities and various historical and cultural backgrounds".  Is it mainly about the universality of rights and the importance of not being culturally relativist?  If so, isn't that the point being made in the 6th para of the preamble: "Whereas the universal, indivisible, interdependent and interrelated nature of human rights outweighs the specificities of any political, economic and cultural system" ?
- I think it's important to stress the universality of rights and to push against cultural relativism.  But the Internet is also hugely importance for cultural expression, sharing, understanding etc.  Could we say also that the human rights framework promotes and celebrates cultural diversity, but the universal, indivisible..... etc?
- I'm not sure about saying rights should be implemented by "progressive measures" in the last para.  Some in the Charter require progressive realisation, but some can and should be implemented now.  Could we take this out of the preamble and add a para about it in the context section - specifying which rights are subject to progressive realisation?

Looking forward to speaking a bit later!


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