[IRP] OT: ACTION: translator or proofreader wanted to help us fight Internet Censorship

Katitza Rodriguez katitza
Sat Dec 11 04:43:11 EET 2010

(apologize for the OT)


Here at EFF, we are seeking a few volunteer translators to help us in a 
campaign to fight online censorship: 
https://www.eff.org/pages/say-no-to-online-censorship  We would love 
your help to be able to reach out to the international communities to 
help grow a grassroots coalition of people fighting online censorship.

If you can help as a translator or proofreader, it would help a great 
deal. This project only involve one page of translation, though if you 
are interested we could also let you know about any future campaigns.

We have already got a translator for German, Portuguese and Spanish. We 
would like native Portuguese, German and Spanish speakers to look at our 
translations. We would also like other languages. We are especially 
looking for Chinese, French, Urdu, and Arabic, but would appreciate many 
other languages as well!  Please let us know if you can help.


Katitza Rodriguez
International Rights Director
Electronic Frontier Foundation
katitza at eff.org
katitza at datos-personales.org (personal email)

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