[IRP] Access Call on Tuesday at 16:00GMT, please join!

Benedek, Wolfgang wolfgang.benedek@uni-graz.at wolfgang.benedek
Tue Dec 7 11:17:42 EET 2010

Dear Dixie and all,

thank you for your kind invitation to participate in the call. Unfortunately, I am lecturing at the same time and will not be able to make it. Generally I have some difficulties with the speed of the ongoing debate and I see that also others find it difficult to fully participate. Your efforts to move the charter forward are however highly appreciated.

With regard to the right to access, I am in favor of the approach now taken in version 1.1. The original idea was to follow the Universal Declaration and therefore it was put under non-discrimination, but I think it is better the way it is now, because this is an important value added of the charter.

I only realized that the part of version 1.3 according to which people must have access to the internet at ?affordable conditions? seems to have disappeared. Also the part dealing with broadband access, where appropriate, is not there anymore.

Regarding your useful questions: I think that the right to access is a right because it is a precondition for the enjoyment of most other rights.

It is not just a principle, because a principle cannot be a precondition for the enjoyment of human rights.

I would put it at the top, because of the other rights being pre-determined or flowing from it.

I would not be against a principle of ?progressive realization?, because this would allow to take realities into account.

Regarding should or must again from a realistic approach I think that ?should? is sufficient in this case.

With best regards,

Wolfgang Benedek

Am 06.12.10 17:16 schrieb "Dixie Hawtin" unter <Dixie at global-partners.co.uk>:

Hi all,

Our hidef trial has run out (thank you to Parminder for noticing) so the call in details for the call tomorrow have changed, please find the new details below.

The ?Access to the Internet? call will still be on Tuesday at 16:00GMT and I look forward to the discussion.

Best, Dixie

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