[IRP] FW: Invitation and update: CPDP 2011 - 4th International Conference: Computers, Privacy & Data Protection. European Data Protection: In Good Health? 25, 26, 27 January 2011

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I recommend this conference (which I sponsor through Microsoft)


Caspar Bowden


Subject: FW: Invitation and update: CPDP 2011 - 4th International Conference: Computers, Privacy & Data Protection. European Data Protection: In Good Health? 25,26,27 January 2011



Dear CPDP-ers, 

Dear Friends & Fans,

On behalf of the CPDP-team, I have the pleasure to invite you to the up-coming  <http://www.cpdpconferences.org/> CPDP 2011, which will take place at  <http://www.halles.be/> Les Halles Rue Royale-Sainte-Marie 22, 1030 Brussels (BE), on Tuesday 25th, Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th of January, 2011.

I am proud to present you the programme enclosed. 

Please find CPDP-updates & buzzes via: 
 <http://www.cpdpconferences.org> www.cpdpconferences.org

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The annual international conference ?Computers, Privacy & Data Protection - CPDP?, with a focus on ?European Data Protection: In Good Health?? aims to create a bridge between policy makers, academics, practitioners and activists

Computers, Privacy & Data Protection ? CPDP 2011 is a three-day conference organised by academics coming from all over Europe, with the ambition of being Europe?s most important forum for academics, practitioners, policy makers and civil society where they can meet, exchange ideas and discuss emerging issues of information technology, privacy, data protection and law.

CPDP has steadily grown over the last 4 years. It has the most ambitious agenda so far with 12 panels, a pre-conference, a philosophical reading panel and a PhD-evening. In addition the 2011 edition includes 2 one-day events on ?eHealth? and surveillance and law enforcement, and a round table on body scanners. In total more than 150 expert speakers will contribute, while as CPDP also invites and invests in 10 PhD students and 4 Early Career Researchers, to develop future understanding in the field of Data Protection.


The conference takes place the same week as the 4th annual European Privacy Day (Friday 28th January 2011) with a series of events around Brussels and with the participation of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. Furthermore, CPDP is organising a range of side-events like Pecha Kucha Evening, Privacy Party, Political debates, receptions which will be some of the social and networking events around CPDP 2011.

CPDP in facts & figures

?         2010: 2 days, 72 experts, 14 PhD Students, 17 sponsors
2011: 3 days, 159 experts, 10 PhD Students, 4 Early Career Researchers, 33 sponsors

?         feedback with an average score of 4/5 from participants 

?          <http://www.cpdpconferences.org> www.cpdpconferences.org 2010: 2765 visitors between Dec 2009 and Jan 2010
 <http://www.cpdpconferences.org> www.cpdpconferences.org 2011: 2730 visitors in November 2010 


The EARLY BIRD reduction (285? instead of 315?) is valid till 10th of December. 
Kindly register via http://www.cpdpconferences.org/registration.html

MORE INFO: T +32 2 629 20 93 ? info at cpdpconferences.org







We are sending out the buzz into the world and are looking forward to meeting you in January 2011 at CPDP 2011 in Brussels!


Warm regards,



Prof Dr. Paul De Hert

Vrije Universiteit Brussel- LSTS

CPDP is organised by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, the Universit? de Namur, the Universiteit van Tilburg, the Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique and the Fraunhofer Institut f?r System und Innovationsforschung.

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