[IRP] Conference Call - Access to the Internet

shaila mistry shailam
Thu Dec 2 19:58:54 EET 2010

Thank You Dixie. 
I would have moved things around on Monday, but unfortunately I have a Dr apt 
that I have waited months for.
thanks again

 Life is too short ....challenge the rules
Forgive quickly ... love truly ...and tenderly
Laugh constantly.....and never stop dreaming! 

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Hi Dixie and all,

I've just updated the poll with my own entry, and I took the liberty of removing 
Dixie's and Slim's old entries (to show that it's possible - a bit weird when 
you're not the poll initiatior - and to make it easier to choose the final date 
and time with a majority of votes).
Michael's and/or Parminder's participation are most needed, so that we have all 
the viewpoints represented during this discussion and consequently be able to 
make a decision. Otherwise, we'll remain in the same situation..


Le 1 d?c. 10 ? 11:10, Dixie Hawtin a ?crit :

Hi Shaila and all, 
>I have extended the poll so that it covers dates on Tuesday as well ? the link 
>to the poll is the same: http://doodle.com/em6i7ee3uyatq8ii
>I have now voted twice, but I will discount my first votes.
>Slim ? could you let us know your availability on the Tuesday? It would be 
>really great to have you with us on the call.
>All the best,
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>Hi Dixie
> Yes this is an important call. Unfortunately I cannot do Monday at all. Can we 
>do Tuesday or Wednesday ?
>Life is too short ....challenge the rules
>Forgive quickly ... love truly ...and tenderly
>Laugh constantly.....and never stop dreaming! 
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