[IRP] Nominations and IRP Elections 09 - Next Steps

Max Senges maxsenges
Wed Nov 18 12:14:43 EET 2009

Dear IRPers

As you know, we are currently in the process of electing a new steering
committee, from which a new chair will be elected.  A lot of interest has
been expressed over the past few weeks which is great.  We?d like to keep
the nominations open for one more week until Wednesday 25th November at
23.00 GMT so that we can get a good range of candidates.  We?ll be electing
3 candidates from each stakeholder group (civil society, academia,
governmental institutions, and business), making a total of 12 in the
steering committee.

We really need more candidates in the business and governmental groups, and
a more diverse range of candidates in terms of geography (especially Asia,
Africa, Pacific, Latin America) and gender.  Please feel free to nominate
yourself or other people by sending me an email.

All nominees need to accept or reject their nomination by Friday 27th
November at 23.00 GMT by sending an email to me or to the list.  If you
accept the nomination, you will need to fill in your short profile and
reasons for running on the
.  If you don?t fill in your details by Friday 27th, we?ll assume that
you?re no longer available for the election. I copy what we our current
definition of the steering committee role is at the bottom of this email
(the whole doc is on the website
Note that the steering committee can of course amend the role description.

The elections will start on Tuesday 1st December at 12.00 GMT.  We?ll be
using the e-voting system Derrick Cogburn kindly setup for the Internet
Governance Caucus. Everyone on the IRP list will receive instructions about
how to vote. Rudi, Lisa, Marianne and myself have written up a text defining
the election procedure. Here it

You will have 2 weeks to vote, and elections will close at 12.00 GMT on
Tuesday 15th December.  We?ll announce the results as soon as possible after

As I?m running for the steering committee, we?re looking into appointing an
independent election officer to manage this process.  If you?re not running,
please consider volunteering for this role ? it won?t take up much of your
time. (Coordinate with Derrick to setup the system (2-3 hours) and checking
and announcing the results (1 hour))

Looking forward to your nominations and discussions

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

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Dr. Max Senges
Chair Internet Rights and Principles Coalition


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*Steering Committee*
IGF IRP steering committee is responsible for:
? Ensuring representation from each stakeholder group in IBR work;
? Managing relationship with IGF Secretariat, such as for technical
? Managing web site, mail lists and other general logistical items;
? Resolving disputes at the working group level;
? Final approval of formal IBR publications and work, such as from working
? Ensuring fairness and transparency in IBR process and quality in IBR work.

Steering Committee: Nomination, Elections, Chairs, Term Length & Vacancies
IRP will elect a steering committee, at least two of which will serve for
one year and at least two of which will serve for two years. This election
will be based on nominations from the IRP membership and will follow the
election process outlined below. Nominees will select which term length they

Future elections will be held every year at an annual IRP meeting based on
nominations from the general membership and following the election process
outlined below. This annual election and staggered terms ensures continuity.
Future steering committee terms will be two years in length.

The steering committee must be comprised of at least one member from each
relevant stakeholder group: government, civil society, business, and
academia. The steering committee can be no less than five members and no
more than fifteen. Steering committee members can serve multiple terms.

The steering committee should also strive for global representation and
gender balance.

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