[IRP] last round & producing a clean version 0.8 of the charter

Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig
Sun Nov 15 20:16:50 EET 2009

I strongly support the concerns expressed by Rebecca. All the best 
for Sharm and the discussion of the Charter.


 Rebecca MacKinnon wrote Fri, 13 Nov 2009 14:59:
>Thanks Max. Sorry I'm just having time to look at the current draft
>right now. Look forward to discussing later this evening here in
>One concern: The current text of Article 5 - Torture calls for
>"specialized internet policemen."
>Do we want to be advocating that? In some countries (China springs to
>mind) there are already specialized internet policemen who spend a lot
>of time monitoring and suppressing dissent in addition to acts that
>are internationally recognized as crimes. I hope we can avoid language
>or recommendations that could be interpreted as an endorsement of
>practices that end up with very different results than the ones we are
>hoping to achieve.
>2009/11/10 Max Senges <maxsenges at gmail.com>:
>> Dear IRPlers
>> WOW - my respect I finally got around to looking through Section 2 and I was
>> super happy to see that it was pretty complete and well formulated.
>> I actually think that we can make a preliminary version and bring printouts
>> to the IGF.
>> We should maybe put a Beta as well as/or a version 0.9 on it, but i think it
>> certainly raises most aspects and should be mainstreamed as wide as
>> possible.
>> I would be happy to make nice printouts, but could anybody work on a nice
>> layout? So we can also share it as pdf? I have started by putting it into a
>> public g-doc which is much easier to edit and layout @
>> Section I (no new edits, still needs consolidation for FoE, A2K, Privacy)
>> https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AeybA8_Lt-gwYWpjczg2cDlkeDJzXzMxYzQ5cXF3Yzc&hl
>> Section II (below are some paragraphs I took out or have questions about)
>> https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AeybA8_Lt-gwYWpjczg2cDlkeDJzXzI5ZnJ0dnR0YzM&hl=de
>> Of course there is still work to be done. The first section needs to have
>> some key sections consolidated (it's still repetitive for some rights)
>> Should we meet this thursday at 18.00 (CET) to discuss last edits before the
>> IGF?
>> Yours
>> Max
>> Please explain:There is certainly no right to a n internet backbone
>> Public infrastructure. The internet serves as a global public
>> infrastructure. This infrastructure must be widely distributed and support
>> sufficient bandwidth, which will enable people everywhere to utilise its
>> potential for raising their voices, improving their lives and expressing
>> their creativity. People have the right to well-distributed national
>> internet backbone that is connected to the international network.
>> These paragraphs were repetitive (but maybe we should distill some aspects
>> raised into the final version):
>> ?Open accessibility for all. People should be able to access and use all
>> interfaces, content and applications (inclusive design). Interfaces, content
>> and applications must be designed to ensure accessibility for all, including
>> people with physical, sensory or cognitive disabilities, people who are not
>> literate and people who speak minority languages. The principle of inclusive
>> design and the use of assistive technologies must be promoted and supported
>> to allow persons with disabilities to benefit fully and on equal terms with
>> non-disabled people.
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