[IRP] Discussion of Charter of Human Rights and Principles on the Internet

Max Senges maxsenges
Sat Nov 14 17:49:40 EET 2009

Dear IGClers

Many of you have already contributed to the collabowriting of the Charter of
Human Rights and Principles, and I want to thank you at this point!

We now have the chance to use the IGF to make use and discuss the work done
so far.

Please use the workshops to point to the respective relevant thematic
sections (Freedom of Expression, Net Neutrality, Privacy, etc.)

Section I - Human Rights on the Internet

Section II - Policy Implementation Principles (based on Human Rights)

Remember: This is a DRAFT version 0.8 of the Charter! We plan to finish the
2009 version of the charter soon, but the document is meant to evolve and
also gather background information (= serve as a knowledge hub for the
different themes).

Hence we setup a from to ENDORSE THE PROCESS rather than the Charter itself
(at this point)

Looking forward to discuss with you!
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