[IRP] TAKE ACTION: Support the Madrid Privacy Declaration

Katitza Rodriguez katitza
Sat Nov 14 13:30:39 EET 2009

Dear colleagues:

PLEASE TAKE ACTION: Support the Madrid Privacy Declaration

Civil society groups and privacy experts are urging countries around
the world to safeguard privacy, a fundamental human right.

Governments and corporations are gathering too much information on
individuals, with too few protections. New systems of identification,
tracking and surveillance threaten the rights of citizens and consumers.

At the recent meeting of privacy officials in Madrid, a  declaration
was issued that reaffirmed basic privacy laws, identified new
challenges, and recommended concrete actions. The Madrid Privacy
Declaration is an important document that  makes affirmative

Now the Madrid Privacy Declaration is open for signature to
individuals around the world. And we need your support!
Go to this page for information about how to endorse:


To learn more about privacy and the recent civil society  conference
in Madrid:


Please send your endorsement to privacy at datos-personales.org

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