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Fiorello Cortiana f.cortiana
Wed Nov 11 12:37:02 EET 2009

I also will be with you with a remote partecipation. I'm waiting for the detail about the conference.
Sen.Vincenzo Vita will be in Sharm but, unfurtunatly, this time Italy has not a multistakeholder protagonist initiative 
Fiorello Cortiana


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I also will be joining on Remote Participation. Enjoy your stay in Sharm el Sheikh, those who will be there. 
Ginger, please, also share with me skype conference details
Siranush Vardanyan


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Shaila, will you join us on Remote Participation? We will watch or listen to web cast and audio, and have a Skype conference chat open to comment. 

Let me know... Anyone else is welcome to join us on Remote as well.

shaila mistry wrote: 

	I feel terrible that I am not coming to Egypt !!!!!!. Sorry, had to share :):)

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	Hi Max, 

	we aren't using google apps. do you suggest to use them?

	2009/11/10 Max Senges <maxsenges at gmail.com>

		Hi everybody
		did anyone setup google apps for our internetrightsandprinciples.org <http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/>  domain? 


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