[IRP] IGF 09 Sharm el Sheik

Lisa Horner lisa
Mon Nov 9 14:32:15 EET 2009

Hi all


I arrive at 16.00 on the Thursday.  Looking forward to seeing everybody!


Internal meeting on the first day sounds good to me.




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Hey everybody

I wanted to check who of us will be in Egypt next week?

I will arrive next friday evening and would be happy to team up for
dinner as well as for going diving on saturday

Here are the core events regarding Internet Rights and Principles (as I
see them now. Please add the one's you see as important):

First Day Sunday 15th
9.30-11.30   Workshop 314                 Human rights and principles in
internet governance: Practical steps forwards
11.30-12.30 Workshop 361                 A rights-based framework -->
this one is organized by pranesh Prakash does someone know him? It would
be great to coordinate

Host Country Gala Dinner (20:00-22:00) 

Second Day - Monday
11.30-12.30 Workshop 245:          Balancing between online freedom of
expression and privacy

Third Day - Tuesday
11.30-12.30 Dynamic Coalition 75:                 Freedom of Expression
of the Media on the Internet

Forth Day - Wednesday 
*****9.00 - 10.30 Dynamic Colition:    Rights and Principles***** 

______ IRP (internal) MEETING
We should meet to discuss our organisational matters, to plan our agenda
for the IGF  and to make sure we cover all relevant workshops. I suggest
we meet on the first day after the second workshop slot in the room of
Workshop 361 = Room 3: Suez Canal.                 
Please write to the list or me if you can make it!?



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