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In reading this through it looked a little like some pandering was going on.? I really did not see any victim statement or passion in the argument against increased making public that which should be private.? Seems like this should be coming from practical losers in the violations of privacy.? This looks more like a philosopher ruler hypothetical decree of morality. So I am wondering who funds such academic adventures.

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Katitza and all,
? This IMO is good stuff.? What worries many or our INEGroup members is that still most
of ICANN's registrars are not on board here and seem determined to remain largely
disinterested in Registrants as well as non-registrant users privacy what so ever.

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Civil Society Groups and Privacy Experts Release Madrid Declaration, Reaffirm International Privacy Laws, Identify New Challenges and Call for Concrete Action to Safeguard Privacy

By Liason on November 3, 2009 12:49 PM | Permalink 

In a crisply worded declaration, over 100 civil society organizations and privacy experts from more than 40 countries have set out an expansive statement on the future of privacy. The Madrid Declaration affirms that privacy is a fundamental human right and reminds "all countries of their obligations to safeguard the civil rights of their citizens and residents." The Madrid Declaration warns that "privacy law and privacy institutions have failed to take full account of new surveillance practices." The Declaration urges countries "that have not yet established a comprehensive framework for privacy protection and an independent data protection authority to do so as expeditiously as possible." The civil society groups and experts recommend a "moratorium on the development or implementation of new systems of mass surveillance." Finally, the Declaration calls for the "establishment of a new international framework for privacy protection, with the full
 participation of civil society, that is based on the rule of law, respect for fundamental human rights, and support for democratic institutions." The Madrid Declaration was released at the Public Voice conference in Madrid on Global Privacy Standards. Multiple translations of the Declaration are available.
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We are recruiting signatures until January 28, International Privacy Day.
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