[IRP] IGF 09 Sharm el Sheik

Max Senges maxsenges
Sun Nov 8 19:17:18 EET 2009

Hey everybody

I wanted to check who of us will be in Egypt next week?

I will arrive next friday evening and would be happy to team up for dinner
as well as for going diving on saturday (http://www.sinaidivers.com).

Here are the core events regarding Internet Rights and Principles (as I see
them now. Please add the one's you see as important):

First Day Sunday 15th
9.30-11.30   Workshop 314                 Human rights and principles in
internet governance: Practical steps forwards
11.30-12.30 Workshop 361                 A rights-based framework --> this
one is organized by pranesh Prakash does someone know him? It would be great
to coordinate

Host Country Gala Dinner (20:00-22:00)

Second Day - Monday
11.30-12.30 Workshop 245:          Balancing between online freedom of
expression and privacy

Third Day - Tuesday
11.30-12.30 Dynamic Coalition 75:                 Freedom of Expression of
the Media on the Internet

Forth Day - Wednesday
*****9.00 - 10.30 Dynamic Colition:    Rights and Principles*****

______ IRP (internal) MEETING
We should meet to discuss our organisational matters, to plan our agenda for
the IGF  and to make sure we cover all relevant workshops. I suggest we meet
on the first day after the second workshop slot in the room of Workshop 361
= Room 3: Suez Canal.
Please write to the list or me if you can make it!?


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