[IRP] Human Rights sections in important Internet related documents

Max Senges maxsenges
Thu Nov 5 20:54:30 EET 2009

Hi everybody

Prof. Weber's assistant kindly reviewed WSIS WGIG IGF documents with regard
to HR. Some results are listed below:

1. WSIS - Declaration of Principles (available at:
margin numbers 4,5,19,29 (inter alia)
2. Report of the Working Group on Internet Governance (available at:
margin numbers 24, 74,81,82 (inter alia)
3. Tunis Agenda for the Information Society (available at:
margin numbers 29,31,46,53,97 (inter alia)
4. Global Network Initiative - Principles (available at:
freedom of expression; privacy; Annex A,B

Best regards

Ulrike I. Heinrich
Assistant Prof. Dr. Rolf H. Weber
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