[IRP] Right to Freedom of Movement: Partnering with APC to review the Internet Rights Charter

Anriette Esterhuysen anriette
Fri May 22 23:34:25 EEST 2009

Dear Max

I think I am supposed to comment on the wiki, but it is very exciting to
see your comments so I will make a few remarks here.

On Fri, 2009-05-22 at 22:16 +0200, Max Senges wrote:
> Hi Jac and all
> Thank you very much for partnering up with us!! I think this is a
> great opportunity for us to really get behind a concrete list of
> clarifications regarding what human rights based internet governance
> regime would be based on.
> One quick question: should we use our mailing list as communication
> channel for discussions about changes or do you have a seperate list
> setup?

Or, just use the wiki?
> Ok so i made one minor and one bigger edit:
> I suggest to change 3.1 The right to access to knowledge
> Reads: "Wide-spread access to knowledge and a healthy knowledge
> commons form the basis for sustainable human development. Because the
> internet enables knowledge-sharing and collaborative
> knowledge-creation to a previously unprecedented degree, it should be
> a focus for the development community. "
> I dont understand why only the development community? i would write
> something along the lines of "it should be a a leitmotiv for
> politicians and businesses to find modalities where access to
> knowledge can be granted free of charge." 

The history of the focus on development is that at the time that the
charter was revised in 2006 APC was particularly concerned with these
rights from the perspective on their impact on efforts to try and reduce
social and economic exclusion - within countries and between countries.
> http://irc.wiki.apc.org/index.php/Theme_3_Subsection_1
> and the bigger edit is on a theme that is touched on in "6.7 The right
> to the internet as an integrated whole"
> I propose to reframe this one or maybe add another number: 
> The right to freedom of movement and use on the internet 
> Everyone has the right to move freely, as well as to reside and use
> services offered on publily accessible IPs and URLS.

Interesting idea.

> Global interoperability and and "connectivity without borders" is part
> of the internet?s value as a global public good and should not be
> fragmented by threats to create national intranets, the use of
> national/governmental content filtering, or ask for any procedures
> similar to visas that would limit free global movement of netizens.
> -------------------------
> In its current form i feel that the article really is a collection of
> several topics. I tried to create a clear transposition of the right
> to freedom of movement to the internet.

True... that partricular piece was very hastily put together. 
> Here is the original text: "This central interoperability is part of
> the internet?s value as a global public good and should not be
> fragmented by threats to create national intranets, the use of content
> filtering, unwarranted surveillance, invasion of privacy and curbs on
> freedom of expression." 
> the wikipage to suggest amendments and to comment on this is @
> http://irc.wiki.apc.org/index.php/Theme_6_Subsection_7
> ---------------------------------
> you can access and participate in the review in the IRC wiki @
> http://irc.wiki.apc.org/
> Lastly allow me to point out again, that we are a coalition with many
> different stakeholders and not everyone or every institution might
> support all the articles of the Internet Rights Charter (IRC), but
> most of us are behind most articles and we are all united in the will
> to advocate and shape a rigths based internet governance regime.

I think it can also help us understand the rights issues better.
> Looking forward to collabowriting
> Max



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