[IRP] Reviewing the APC Internet Rights Charter

Jac sm Kee jac
Fri May 22 05:38:07 EEST 2009

Hi all,

> 2) APC is interested in and has started preparations to review their 
> Internet Rights Charter and I have asked whether we can partner with 
> them in this review process. Jac promised me to investigate and tell us 
> something tomorrow. 

As mentioned in Max's update, APC just kick-started our revision of the 
internet rights charter - also catalysed by the interest in the DC to 
use is as a basis document.

We'd like to partner with the DC in this review process. Pls do join us 
on the wiki where it's happening:


You'll need to register to edit, and the process is hopefully simple and 

The wiki is divided into themes and sub-themes of the IRC. Under each 
subtheme are spaces to suggest changes and include examples or cases.

*  For each theme, add your comments and suggestions in the section 
under the current text.
* If possible (and sometimes, can be most helpful), cite or summarise 
examples and cases that you have come across related to your 
suggestions. Especially if it highlights gaps or new dimensions to the 
* All users are welcomed to continue to edit and change as see fit, and 
discussions around these changes are encouraged.
* For issues or rights currently not covered by the thematic areas, feel 
free to create new pages or edit the additional themes page.

Hope to see your input! :)


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Jac sm Kee
Association of Progressive Communications, Women's Networking Support 
Programme (APC WNSP)

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