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I divide the world into the learners and the nonlearners"*
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hi everybody

we had a very interesting meeting; first Jac from APC and me, and then Marco
Pancini and Olivier Cr?pin-Leblond came and we continued to talk:

here are some updates:

1) The Italian Minister has decided not to hold the official Governmental
Forum; BUT we (the coalition) really feel that we should hold a workshop and
are in the process of organizing this. I for one have already bought my
ticket...  The idea is team up and hold a super productive workshop and push
our work forward. It seems that we can have a room in rome, but it is all a
bit up in the air ----- please those interested in teaming up contact me or

2) APC is interested in and has started preparations to review their
Internet Rights Charter and I have asked whether we can partner with them in
this review process. Jac promised me to investigate and tell us something

3) we have the mission review process underway Gabriela and Marianne have
already contributed - please review
http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/76 and share your feedback or
edit the doc directly!

4) Olivier pointed us to two interesting news:

The Chinese Government has explicity stated: the delegation of China prefers
the proposal put forward by Egypt, "Internet, an opportunity for all."  We
think that this topic is very closely linked to the international financial
crisis we're going through at the moment.  And in addition, it proves that
the United Nations continue to work in order to promote the Internet.  As we
have said in February, the *rights and principles for Internet is not an
appropriate theme* because the words "rights and principles" don't have an
appropriate definition.  As a meeting of the United Nations, it is not
appropriate to adopt a theme which is not properly defined. [posted by
Wolfgang" to the governance list - bold by max]

and @ http://lists.cpsr.org/lists/arc/governance/2009-05/msg00026.html  you
will find a message from Wolfgang which has a link to a transcript of a
statement by *Vivian Redding which apparently proposes to create a G12
government body for Internet Governance*

5) as already communicated, we had a really interesting online workshop on
the theme of values, rights and principles you are very much invited to
watch the video recording and give feedback @

ok so far so good
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