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This week, we raised the pressure on Phorm, by asking major websites
to block Phorm from intercepting their data.

We've yet to have a firm decision from many of these sites - Facebook,
MSN, Google, Youtube, AOL, Yahoo, Amazon and Ebay. But others,
including several major sites, have already agreed to block Phorm.
Find out more about this on the blog next week.

Right now, we need to pile on the pressure. Once sites start blocking
Phorm, more people will understand that the concerns are real, and
Phorm can be stopped.

== Take Action ==

1 If you're on Facebook, join the group:

2 Blog about it! Tweet the FB link - get the message out to your friends.

3 Block Phorm: opt your website out, and let us know by emailing
blockphorm at openrightsgroup.org

4 Email your favourite sites. Make the emails FAO Chief Privacy
Officer. Take the text from our standard letter here:

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digital rights. Please donate via

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