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Max Senges maxsenges
Mon Jun 22 07:45:46 EEST 2009

hi everybody

i am happy to announce that i found a nice delicious plugin for our website.
It allows us to syndicate links you feel are relevant for our cause

you can check the whole collection at
http://delicious.com/tag/internetrightsandprinciples (so far only from
myself) and contribute by tagging good sites with the
"internetrightsandprinciples" tag

if you use delicious please contact me and i add your delicious IRP links to
our website



*"I don't divide the world into the weak and the strong, or into the
successes and the failures. ...
I divide the world into the learners and the nonlearners"*
  .   .   .   .  .  .  . Benjamin Barber

Dr. Max Senges


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