[IRP] draft invitation to our pre-EuroDig workshop

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Hi all
Thanks for doing this Max.  I've edited the wiki.http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/166
..think we can keep it fairly short and sharp at this stage.  Also think we need to include an email address so that anyone new who might want to ask questions etc can do so?
Whilst I think we should have a wiki to flesh out the agenda for the meeting, I also think we should have this as concrete text for the webpage to act as an invite. We could also make a pdf with the logo or copy and paste it into emails to send out.
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Hello everyone 

We had a productive monthly meeting - Robert Bodle is kindly preparing the minutes.

I drafted an invitation for the workshop we are organizing just before the EuroDig. Please review and amend @ http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/166

Welcome to the Invitation & Coordination Page for the 

Pre-EuroDig Internet Rights and Principles Workshop & Dinner

When: 13th of September 2009; we plan to start to work around noon and have dinner around 20.00

Where: TBD - we are looking into several options in the center of Geneva at this point

Who: This will be a multi-stakeholder workshop; and while we specifically invite participants from Governments, Private Sector and Civil Socity who we know from their work on Internet Governance, the Workshop is open and we welcome input from new perspectives! 

What: The workshop is meant to consolidate the work that we have been doing since the last IGF. That basically means we want to discuss the outcomes of (1) the revision of the Internet Rights Charter and (2) the report "Exploring an ethical approach to internet governance: values, principles and rights".

The result we aim for at this workshop is to really be able to build a _coalition_ around a shared understanding of what we mean by Rigths and Principles (proposed definitions in the report) as well as Human Rights on the internet (defined in the Charter) and how we can move towards our goal of a Human Rights based Internet Governance regime (= the approach outlined in the report).

It looks like we will have the chance to report about our efforts during the IGF meetings right after the Euro Dig. This will be an excellent opportunity to reach out to the IGF community.

Here is our proposed agenda:

1.	Find consensus for what we mean by Internet Rights and Internet Principles 
2.	Review the Internet Rights Charter and discuss each item 
3.	Review our Mission statement in the light of our (new/consensual) understanding of 1 & 2 

Please feel free to suggest additional items and discuss the agenda on our mailing list.

We expect something between 10 and 20 people for the workshop, so please RSVP by signing up on this wiki page:

- Max Senges - Chair Internet Rights and Principles Coalition


Please "register" by editing the wikipage @ http://internetrightsandprinciples.org/node/166 (or if you dont know how to do that drop me a line)







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