[IRP] IRP has a new Facebook page

Bodle, Robert Robert_Bodle
Fri Jun 19 00:03:16 EEST 2009


I'd like to announce a new Facebook page set up for the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles. Please check out and become a fan! (if the link doesn't work you can key word search in FB under pages). 


Distinct from Facebook groups, Facebook pages enable: more applications, multimedia, direct newsfeeds, and a more interactive space to post and write comments about related items. 

I will be keeping up the space, posting stories on a bi-weekly basis about news related to internet rights, calls to action, and highlights regarding IRP.  At some point Facebook updates may be syndicated to the IRP website and to the IRP blog. 

Thanks for becoming a fan of the group, commenting on stories, and helping build the space for interacting and growing IRP. (Feel free to write me if you have any questions about the new IRP page on Facebook).

Robert Bodle, PhD
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
College of Mount St. Joseph
Cincinnati, Ohio 45233
(513) 244-4829 (office)
robert_bodle at mail.msj.edu

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