[IRP] potentially really useful deliberation platform

Max Senges maxsenges
Sat Jun 13 01:11:00 EEST 2009

Dear IRPlers

Mark Klein from MIT Collective Intelligence Systems is developing a
promising platform to allow for more structured and efficient online
deliberation. I think this tool might be very interesting to the wider IGF
and online politics community. Here is an introduction:

Please register, deliberate and share your feedback. To register go to
Deliberatorium <> get an account, then follow
this link to participate in our PRIVATE! IRP

You can create new issues or comment, etc. by clicking on the cogwheel.
I have created a Deliberation Space on Internet Rights and Principles and
started a thread on:

How can we engage in a dialog with the people who come from a culture where
Human Rights are perceived as imperialistic (western and foreign to their
own culture)?

The problem that we identified is that Human Rights are perceived by many
non-western cultures as a relict from imperialistic times. The solution is
to have a dialog with the goal of reaching agreement about the universality
of human rights.

To start this dialog we consider think it is prudent to start to talk about
values we share across cultures and see how they are part of and represented
in human rights.

But here again we have to be very coscious. Many values - like the so called
"asian values" have been used to defend human rights abuses etc.

Please contribute your ideas as to how we should/could frame the
inter/trans-cultural dialog::

Looking forward to use and experiment with this exciting approach/system

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