[IRP] Sharing blog posts

Jac sm Kee jac
Wed Jul 15 14:22:53 EEST 2009

Hi all,

Max has worked out the mechanics for the IRP site to be able to 
syndicate blog posts from other sites. Yay!

So this is an invitation/call/plea for you to share your blog posts 
related to internet rights and principles.

Tag the relevant posts as "internet rights and principles" and follow 
the basic instructions pasted below (which you can also find here: 

How to add a RSS feed to our "aggregated IRP post" page & stream
1. locate the correct "tag-based" RSS from the contibuting blog (how-to 
for blogger below; please add how-to's for wordpress etc. as we figure 
it out)
2. so go to http://ibr-beta.cpsr.org/admin/content/aggregator -- {for 
some reason the most of the admin tasks only work on the "real 
installation" path of our site}
3. go "add feed" http://ibr-beta.cpsr.org/admin/content/aggregator/add/feed
4. make sure to checkmark: Externally Syndicated Feeds
5. go back to http://ibr-beta.cpsr.org/admin/content/aggregator and 
click the update items link next to the feed you added and make sure 
that it pulls the recent posts

How to get a tag-based feed from Blogger
1. click on the tag (called label in blogger) you want
2. click on the RSS of the blog and add the label at the end with a /-/ 
before. e.g. 

Looking forward to reading your posts :)


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Jac sm Kee
Association of Progressive Communications, Women's Networking Support 
Programme (APC WNSP)

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