[IRP] ICANN Mexico: teaming up for 5.5. Work on an "Individual Internet Users" declaration.

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Hello everybody

I would suggest that those interested to explore this theme further can meet
(informally) in Mexico and we can see what approach is most effective and

@Nick: sorry i really wasn't aware of your earlier response.

Cheryl said: Let me know if anyone wants a copy of the draft.

yes please send the draft


Dear all,

I have not yet tracked down the ISOC Italy, but I am currently working on a
similar document outlining areas where Internet users have legitimate
interests that may on occasion have relevance in ICANN policy development.
Many of these policy interests encompass issues far broader than ICANN, of
course, but there are various ICANN policies that implicate them to various
degrees.  In any event, I would argue that individual Internet users
(through a mechanism of representative and informed experts) should have the
opportunity to weigh proposed ICANN policies against these interests and
provide input.  The objective may be to simply steer ICANN away from making
a policy decision that impact the ability of other organizations and
governments to protect these interests.  In that sense, these interests may
be used as a standard for keeping ICANN from mission creep by suggesting
which proposed DNS policies may have a bearing on such interests and should
be deferred to another authority or crafted in a way to not interfere with
the efforts of other authorities that may more properly address it.

Let me know if anyone wants a copy of the draft.

Cheryl B. Preston
Edwin M. Thomas
Professor of Law
J. Reuben Clark Law School
Brigham Young University
434 JRCB
Provo, UT 84602
(801) 422-2312
prestonc at lawgate.byu.edu

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