[IRP] Fwd: forward IGC open consultation statement & endorsementdraft

Max Senges maxsenges
Mon Feb 23 16:05:02 EET 2009

Hello everybody

is somebody at the open consultation who could read our really short
statement (below)?



 Please allow us to take this opportunity to share with the IGF organizers
and community that the "Dynamic Coalition on an Internet Bill of Rights"
and  the "Dynamic Coalition on Framework of Principles for the Internet"
have agreed to merge and change our name to "Dynamic Coalition on Internet
Rights and Principles (IRP)". The inclusion of principles in our mandate
will enable us to define better what applying established human rights to
the internet environment means in practice, examining the implications for
internet users and policy makers.

We invite all interested parties to join and participate in our discussions
and initiatives. Furthermore and on today's subject, the Dynamic Coalition
on Internet Rights and Principles wants to join others in urging the IGF
organizers to make "Internet Rights and Principles" a major theme at the IGF
09 in Egypt.

Naturally our coalition is working to prepare thematic events and workshops
on "Internet Rights and Principles" for Egypt and we are most interested in
working with other groups and institutions, including the IGF community as a
whole, to ensure that the IGF 09 will be successful in developing insights
and solutions regarding this key theme of protecting the openness of the
Internet as a public sphere in which all humans enjoy their basic rights and
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