[IRP] Meeting Minutes February meeting - next meeting 19th March

Max Senges maxsenges
Fri Feb 20 14:01:03 EET 2009

dear all

here the meeting minutes - please edit and amend

Participants (in no particular order): Rafik Dammak (Diplo Foundation), Lisa
Horner (Global Partners), Marco Pancini (Google), Thomas Schneider (Swiss
Gov/Barcom), Andrea Beccalli (UNESCO), Matthias, Graciela Selaimen (RITS
Brazil), Vittorio Bertola (ISOC Italy), Rudi Vansnick (ISOC Belgium), and
Emily Laidlaw (London School of Economics). As well as  Anja Kovaks (IT for
Change) and Ginger Paque (IGC & Diplo) on chat.

we used the HiDef conferencing service which i felt was a good solution.
Despite sometimes bumpy sound quality (which i believe was mostly due to bad
connections and people not muting their mics). The big advantages are that
(a) people can call-in so when somebody is late or drops out they can come
back in and (b) that people can participate via normal phone lines. So if
you agree we'll use this service in the future in combination with our skype

************************** new member of our steering committee

I am happy to announce that Marco Pancini from Google has joined our
steering committee. Marco is especially interested in privacy and cencorship
(freedom of speech). He is preparing a short video introduction which we
will post on our website soon. Please welcome him and i am sure he will
bring interesting perspectives and contriubtions to our community.  He comes
in as on of our private sector participants Susy Strubel left Sun
Microsystems and has hence asked to step down some time ago.

************************ meeting in italy -- i hope there is news on this
> point - i have been trying to hear from our italian participants but without
> any luck

i have been promised we will get an update by stefano rodota on monday

> ** UNESCO - Andrea told me he can give us an update

Andrea explained his intentions and plans. In order to bring Internet
Governance and Internet Rights and Principles higher on the UNESCO agenda a
request by UNESCO member states is need. There was interest by Thomas
Schneider to work on such a statement. Thomas and Andrea will coordiate
further next week in Geneva.

Please send us an update?!

> ************************ Connection to the UN HR bodies - Matthias & Meryem

Matthias updated us about his and Wolfgang Benedek's activities in this
action line. There has been contact and agreement to follow up with a UN
High Commissioner and somebody from Egypt. Matthias/Wolfgang please send us
a message outlining how we can support your efforts.

Also you have seen the message to and from Chengetai.

> ************************ Role of Rights & Principles at the IGF 09

We agreed to endorse the IGC letter. Please edit and amend the draft i send

> ************************ Survey on Values on the Internet

As communicated before following a podcast interview i held with Rafael
Capurro (available to listen or as download @
we pursued his suggestion to initiate a dialogue about what underlying
values users care about in their online lifes?

In collaboration with Rafael Capurro (www.capurro.de/home-eng.html) and
Michael Nagelborg (http://www.michaelnagenborg.de/) we would like to invite
you to share your perception of what are the important aspects when we talk
about values and rights online.

Please invest 5 min go to
answer the really short survey. And please spread on other mailing
and amongst you network.

Again this effort is meant to generate data that allows us to develop a
project/grant proposal that will allow us to produce solid data to support
our drive for a online public sphere where all users can enjoy their Rights
or put differently a Rigths based Internet Governance regime.

> ************************ the merger with the Frameworks and Principles
> coalition

we agreed to go ahead and ask the people suggested by Parminder to join our
steering committee to send a statement indicating their interests and
motivation to join our coalition and explain what initiatives/lines of
activiy/topics they would like to pursue as members of the steering
committee. Permitted their interests and plans for participation are
promoting our mission i suggest we expand steering committee welcome

looking forward to hearing from them. i suggest we ask them to send in their
statements within two weeks so we have a date when we can officially merge.

> ************************ (possible) workshop at ICANN mexico

I have just been informed that our session in mexico has been approved and
is scheduled for sunday the 1st of March - i'll send a seperate message on
this topic.

**************************** Mission & Website development (two points i
forgot to raise during the meeting)

Unfortunatley i forgot to add two points to the agenda which have been
brought up before:

A) It was suggested to review and update/re-develop our mission statement
and i totally support this

B) We need to

I suggest we discuss both points in individual threads


as always thanks for everybody who participated and lets meet next month -
Thursday the 19th of March. I am happy to either use the same time (17.00
UTC) or if people feel we should find a time more suitable for asia i'd be
happy to do so.


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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
?----------------------Margaret Mead

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Dr. Max Senges
Chair Internet Rights and Principles Coalition


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