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Katitza Rodriguez katitza
Mon Dec 21 16:51:47 EET 2009

Congratulations to all of you.

All the best,


On Dec 20, 2009, at 2:46 PM, Sivasubramanian Muthusamy wrote:

> Congratulations to the candidates elected to the IRP steering  
> committee and wishes for a productive term of office.
> Happy Holidays.
> Sivasubramanian Muthusamy
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> On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 9:58 AM, Biel Company Perez  
> <bcompanyp at uoc.edu> wrote:
> Dear IRP-DC members,
> I am pleased to announce that the following candidates have been  
> elected for the IRP-DC Steering Committee:
> Academy (44 participants):
> Carlos Alfonso Pereira de Souza (25 votes)
> Rafik Dammak (18 votes)
> Robert Bodle (18 votes)
> Marianne Franklin (18 votes)
> Civil Society (44 participants)
> Anja Kovacs (29 votes)
> Robert Guerra (21 votes)
> Graciela Selaiman (20 votes)
> Governmental institutions (38 participants)
> Lee Hibbard (28 votes)
> Andrea Becalli (22 votes)
> Johan Hallenborg (14 votes)
> Private Sector (44 participants)
> Lisa Horner (37 votes)
> Max Senges (32 votes)
> Shaila Rao Mistry (16 votes)
> Olivier JM Cr?pin-Leblond (16 votes)
> As you see, the election has ended in a tie among several members  
> within the academic and private sectors. Although this situation is  
> not regulated in the procedures for this electoral process, such  
> regulations do say that the Steering Committee may be ?no more than  
> 15? members. A simple criterion that is compatible with this  
> limitation and that does not make it necessary to organize a second  
> electoral round is to appoint the 3 most voted candidates within  
> each stakeholder group, but allowing more than 3 appointments per  
> stakeholder group if there are several candidates in tie. The 14  
> member Steering Committee above results from applying this criterion.
> As a summarized election report, one problem for which I am entirely  
> responsible and sincerely apologize needs to be explained here. One  
> of the candidates, Heike Jensen, did not appear on the ballot list  
> during the first two days of the voting period. Although she did  
> appear as a candidate and her profile and electoral program were  
> available in the Google spreadsheet from the opening of the online  
> ballots, her name wasn?t added to the ballot?s candidate list until  
> December 4th, as soon as we were informed of the error. In order to  
> guarantee that this had not deprived the candidate from any votes  
> and that every IRP-DC member wishing to vote for her had the  
> possibility to do so, the 23 IRP-DC members who had already voted by  
> the time the ballot was amended were sent an email giving them the  
> possibility to modify only one of their votes within the academic  
> sector and only in favor of Heike Jensen. Two members expressed  
> their wish to modify their votes, but neither of them could specify  
> with certainty the candidates they had elected, so no vote  
> modifications were finally made. In view of the final results within  
> the academic sector, however, such arrangements would not have  
> altered the composition  of the Steering Committee.
> I would like to give special thanks to Prof. Derrick Cogburn, who  
> provided and managed the online voting system and whose contribution  
> was essential for sorting out problems as they emerged. Thanks also  
> to Max Senges for his support and counsel during the process, and to  
> all of you for your participation. Please do not hesitate to contact  
> me should you be interested in having any further details of the  
> process.
> Best,
> Biel Company P?rez
> IRPDC Steering Committee elections officer
> Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)
> Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona.
> Tel.: (+34) 93 673 50 82
> bcompanyp at uoc.edu
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