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johan.hallenborg at foreign.ministry.se johan.hallenborg
Mon Dec 21 15:23:49 EET 2009

Dear all,

Congratulations to all elected! 
I look very much forward to working with you all, learn more and to 
contribute in any way I can. I am ready to serve for two years, and I also 
propose Lisa as Chair. 

Happy holidays!!

All the best,

Johan Hallenborg
Enheten f?r folkr?tt, m?nskliga r?ttigheter och traktatr?tt
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Special Adviser
International Law and Human Rights Department
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Government Offices of Sweden
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2009-12-20 14:01
Re: [IRP] IRP-DC elections results

Dear all,
Congratulations to all those elected! I have found it a great experience 
to work with this DC over the past so many months.  Under Max's dynamic 
chairpersonship, the IRP DC has fast emerged as one of the most active 
ones within the IGF - thank you very much for all your efforts and inputs 
Max.  I look forward to working with all of you to continue to take the 
DC's important work forward. I will be happy to serve for a term of two 
Unfortunately I will not be able to join any meeting on Tuesday or 
Wednesday as I'll be in a highly intensive training workshop on both days. 
 However, I can already say that I strongly support the nomination of Lisa 
for the position of chair.  She has been consistently working towards the 
development of the work of the DC, in terms of both substance and process, 
and the knowledge, skills, passion and commitment she has displayed at 
this time make her, I believe, the ideal candidate.
I would not, however, immediately set up a separate email list for 
steering committee members.  I realise that high levels of traffic on 
"practical" issues might lead to those solely interested in substantive 
debates losing interest.  However, it is important that endorsing 
documents and the like is done in as broad-based a process as possible, as 
is, in fact, the setting up of meetings and the like (which ideally should 
not include steering committee members only...).  I would therefore prefer 
to continue to use the IRP list (and will give it due priority!) at least 
for the time being.  If we are really loosing too many readers because 
traffic is too high, we can always still reconsider then.
Happy Holidays to you all!
Warm wishes,

On Sun, 20 Dec 2009 08:34:05 +0900, Rafik Dammak wrote:

congratulations for the new elected steering committee, members elected 
new faces to serve and it is good proof of how much the coalition is 
Thanks to Biel for volunteering to manage the election process.
I would like to serve for two years.


2009/12/19 Max Senges <max at supercoolschool.com>
Dear Biel, dear steering committee peers, dear IRPlers

@Biel: thanks for managing the election process. we all know that error is 
human and while i would have appreciated to work with Heike in the 
steering committee, I am positive that her participation (as well as that 
of the other candidates who ran) will be very valuable and valued no 
matter in whether they are in the steering committee or not.

@the freshly elected steering committee (SC) coleagues: 
(1) CONGRATULATIONS - This is going to be an exciting year and I am very 
much looking forward to working with you.

(2) we now have to proceed to elect a chair amongst the 14 SC members. The 
charter simply says elect, which in my understanding could be via vote or 
consensus. I think it would be ideal to find consensus, but let's open the 
floor for nominations and then deliberate.

    I would like to nominate Lisa Horner as IRP Chair. Lisa has been 
continuously furthering the development of our coalition and in fact many 
times she was the leading force behind organizing and running meetings and 
collabowritings. Thanks for all the work you did so far, I hope you accept 
the nomination. 

Maybe the easiest would be to have a conference call? I would be happy to 
meet next tuesday or wednesday? Given that we have two SC members from 
Asia I would suggest to stick to the 18.00 CET time, but I am of course 

(3) all steering committee members will have to choose whether you want to 
serve one or two years on the steering committee - please announce your 
choice on the list. Our charter states: "IRP will elect a steering 
committee, at least two of which will serve for one year and at least two 
of which will serve for two years. [...] Nominees will select which term 
length they prefer.

      I am happy to serve for two years.

(4) I propose that we setup a separate steering committee mailing-list 
which all SC members give high priority when dealing with their email. We 
all know that email traffic can be overwhelming and to have a method to 
quickly discuss and decide on a time-critical matter (e.g. whether or not 
to endorse an appeal or other document) would be very helpful.

@all IRPlers: thanks for voting and for your continued interest and 
participation in our cause! The number of 44 votes might sound little, 
however this is a significant organizational development from the 8 folks 
who simply volunteered in the first year of the steering committee's 
existence, and the "improvised steering committee" we setup in the wake of 
the merger last year.

In closing, I would be very interested to discuss and hear your perception 
of the mandate / schedule for the Expert Review & Consolidation of our 
"Charter of Human Rights and Principles on the Internet" sent by Meryem 
and forwarded by me on Dec. 14th  ("Re: Proposal for IRP Charter 

And of course it would be good to have some more community input for the 
Charter itself.

To a good year for Internet Rights and Principles!



"The future is here. It?s just not widely distributed yet."
?William Gibson


Max Senges


Mobile: 01622122755

On Sat, Dec 19, 2009 at 5:28 AM, Biel Company Perez <bcompanyp at uoc.edu> 
Dear IRP-DC members,
I am pleased to announce that the following candidates have been elected 
for the IRP-DC Steering Committee:
Academy (44 participants): 
Carlos Alfonso Pereira de Souza (25 votes)
Rafik Dammak (18 votes)
Robert Bodle (18 votes)
Marianne Franklin (18 votes)
Civil Society (44 participants) 
Anja Kovacs (29 votes)
Robert Guerra (21 votes)
Graciela Selaiman (20 votes)
Governmental institutions (38 participants) 
Lee Hibbard (28 votes)
Andrea Becalli (22 votes)
Johan Hallenborg (14 votes)
Private Sector (44 participants) 
Lisa Horner (37 votes)
Max Senges (32 votes)
Shaila Rao Mistry (16 votes)
Olivier JM Cr?pin-Leblond (16 votes)
As you see, the election has ended in a tie among several members within 
the academic and private sectors. Although this situation is not regulated 
in the procedures for this electoral process, such regulations do say that 
the Steering Committee may be ?no more than 15? members. A simple 
criterion that is compatible with this limitation and that does not make 
it necessary to organize a second electoral round is to appoint the 3 most 
voted candidates within each stakeholder group, but allowing more than 3 
appointments per stakeholder group if there are several candidates in tie. 
The 14 member Steering Committee above results from applying this 
As a summarized election report, one problem for which I am entirely 
responsible and sincerely apologize needs to be explained here. One of the 
candidates, Heike Jensen, did not appear on the ballot list during the 
first two days of the voting period. Although she did appear as a 
candidate and her profile and electoral program were available in the 
Google spreadsheet from the opening of the online ballots, her name wasn?t 
added to the ballot?s candidate list until December 4th, as soon as we 
were informed of the error. In order to guarantee that this had not 
deprived the candidate from any votes and that every IRP-DC member wishing 
to vote for her had the possibility to do so, the 23 IRP-DC members who 
had already voted by the time the ballot was amended were sent an email 
giving them the possibility to modify only one of their votes within the 
academic sector and only in favor of Heike Jensen. Two members expressed 
their wish to modify their votes, but neither of them could specify with 
certainty the candidates they had elected, so no vote modifications were 
finally made. In view of the final results within the academic sector, 
however, such arrangements would not have altered the composition of the 
Steering Committee.
I would like to give special thanks to Prof. Derrick Cogburn, who provided 
and managed the online voting system and whose contribution was essential 
for sorting out problems as they emerged. Thanks also to Max Senges for 
his support and counsel during the process, and to all of you for your 
participation. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you be 
interested in having any further details of the process. 
Biel Company P?rez
IRPDC Steering Committee elections officer
Internet Interdisciplinary Institute (IN3)
Open University of Catalonia, Barcelona. 
Tel.: (+34) 93 673 50 82
bcompanyp at uoc.edu 
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